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A visual journey into collecting punk/indie records and a collection resource!
NOFX - 7" of the Month Club - May (4 of 12) 
21st-Feb-2008 06:52 pm
7" of the Month Club - May
(4 of 12)

Release Date: 1st Pressing - 05/??/2007; 2nd Pressing - ??/??/200?
Record Label: Fat Wreck Records
Pressing Info: 1st Pressing - 3,000 on clear green; 2nd Pressing - ??? on black vinyl; ??? on solid green vinyl.
Retail Availability:
Original Cost: 1st Pressing - $60 (Only Available with 7" Club Membership); 2nd Pressing - $5 (Only Available In Stores)
Current Value: 1st Pressing - $??; 2nd Pressing - Black - $15
Notes: There are 4 Side A label variations for each color

Pictures (Click to Enlarge):


Front Cover

Back Cover

Lyric Sheet

1st Pressing

Clear Green:
Don't own

2nd Pressing

Solid Green:

Side A Front

Side A Label

Side B Front

Side B Label

Don't own.

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